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Beginning Sounds Worksheets to Learn Phonics

Learning phonics is vital for children as by doing so, they are not only able to recognize letters that form a word but also produce sound of the word. This skill is important for their literacy skills in the future. Phonics are not about learning letters and sounds separately but it deals with how these two aspects correspond one to another. Promoting phonics to children can be done by providing them with beginning sounds worksheets. Through the worksheets, children can learn phonic in a fun and enhancing way so they won’t feel like studying but playing.

There are many kinds of beginning sounds worksheets available. One of the most popular worksheets is matching letter sounds with pictures. This type of worksheets consist of some pictures (they can be pictures of animals, things in the classrooms, etc.) Make sure the pictures shown on the worksheets are the images that the children are already familiar with. For example, a tree is a better option than a trunk or triumph. In addition to the images, the worksheets also contain the beginning letters of each picture. The children’s task is to match the pictures and the word-starting letter.

The above example is probably the simplest phonic worksheets to learn phonics. After they complete the beginning sounds worksheets, it is time for them to do higher level tasks. They can be given worksheets that improve their skills in identifying ending sounds or middle sounds. By learning phonics in parts like this, soon, children will be able to pronounce the while words that consist of beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Vowel combination can also be introduced to young children. As they get older, you can reinforce phonic in reading. There are many interesting books that help learning phonics. Of course, parents’ guidance is important to support the learning process.

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