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How to read a Ruler Easily

Rulers are tools to measure something. Most children use this tool at school. However, there are some children who find it difficult to read a ruler. Taking measurement with rulers can be complicated especially for young ages. There are at least two types of rulers, the inch ruler and metric ruler. The inch rules comes with fractional division while the other one comes with decimal division. There are some tips to heal your little ones learning how to read a ruler easily whether they use the inch or the metric ruler. With the tips, they won’t face any problems when doing any measurements.

Let’s start with reading an inch ruler. When the kids is learning how to read a ruler in this type, they should first understand the ruler has 12 lines where each line means one inch. In other words the ruler consists of 12 inch marks. When measurement is done with the ruler, it should be aligned with the left side of the zero mark. Then, look at where the object you are measuring ends. It will be the result of the measurement in inches. Practicing measuring various objects and take not of the measurement result help children get familiar with the inch ruler.

For many children, how to read a ruler in a metric type is considered easier than that of inch type. It is because a metric rule is the standard type of ruler that is widely used in many parts of the world. Instead of using inches, the measurement of metric rule uses millimeters or centimeters. Usually metric rulers are 30 centimeters long and the ruler is read from the left to the left. There are 10 smaller marks between each centimeter that denote the millimeters. The millimeters are read as decimals. You have to see the last mark where the measured objects to get the decimals that follow the centimeters.

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