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Prewriting Worksheets for Children

Literacy skills that include reading and writing are important for children’s development. Many parents and teachers realize the importance of literacy skills that they try to introduce these skills for children in the early age. Early writing practice can lead to a successful reader and writer in the future. Before being able to make a writing composition, children should go through some prewriting activities. There are a number of prewriting worksheets that can accommodate children to practice their writing skills. Writing stories is started from writing letters. Before being able to form a word, it is prerequisite to learn alphabet.

Prewriting worksheets concerning on how alphabet is learned have various types. The most common worksheet used by children to identify letters is tracing letters. This is the basic way to start. Not only is it vital for children to recognize letter, they should also be given worksheet that help them practice the sound of the letters. After they can identify letters and sound, vocabulary worksheets can be given. There are many kinds of worksheets that can be used for this purposes such as jumbled letters, missing letters, and puzzles. By giving different activities, children won’t get bored easily. Parents’ assistance is highly needed in this process. The most important thing every parent should bear in mind is that to always support their child and never force them to achieve something when it’s not the time. Remember that the purpose of giving the worksheets is to make them have fun.

The higher level prewriting worksheets will be word order. This sentence level worksheets are not intended for kindergarten students but for students of elementary school. Although word ordering can be a tedious and odious task, when it is delivered in an interesting way through a properly-designed worksheet, it will be not difficult for students.

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